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Many people are worried and question whether it's even a good time to be thinking about starting or funding a business. My answer to these people is an astounding YES!

Even though the economy has taken a downturn and "Bank" type lending for businesses has all but dried up, there are still billions of dollars available for businesses and business ideas of all types if you know where to look. And you don't need rich relatives, a lot of collateral or good credit to get it.

All you need is the right knowledge and guidance and you'll be able to find all the capital you will ever need and more."

Bob Ryan is the founder of www.FundMyIdeas.com and the author of The Definitive Guide To Raising Capital® — 30 Day Business Funding System

He has been featured in USA Today Print Edition, Entrepreneur Magazine, Home Business Magazine, Business Week Online, Investors Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Kiplinger's and Small Business Opportunities Online.

He has participated in many business funding seminars from the International Business Forum and is a member of the Angel Capital Association.

His techniques have helped entrepreneurs raise over $456 Million Dollars for businesses in every field, from farm equipment to wireless internet technology and everything in between.

Whether you need $50,000 or $5 Million the process is the same and that process is taught to you step by step in The Definitive Guide To Raising Capital® — 30 Day Business Funding System

The information in this course is based on real-life, hands on experiences. And no matter what your present level of success his revolutionary system is designed to transport you and your business to higher levels of achievement because of the incredibly valuable details it contains.

It has taken a lot of time, effort and some painful experiences to develop the winning formulas that help get a business funded, especially in today's tough economic times.

The most important thing Bob has learned is… businesses that look for the wrong type of funding are doomed to failure before they even have a chance to get off the ground.

That's why so much of his material is devoted to helping each client find the right type of funding from the start which will make the process a whole lot easier.

Hundreds of business owners will tell you that what he teaches works.

If you need some assistance or advice, or if you simply want an unbiased expert opinion about a situation which is giving you trouble —just let us know— and we'll provide you with our experienced input and assessment right away.


1212 Lourdes Avenue
De Pere, WI  54115

Phone: 866-946-0946
E-mail: bobryan.info@gmail.com


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