No Doc Business Loans and Lines of Credit

I wanted to let you know that I just located a handful of new sources that are offering an open ended Business Line of Credit — ranging from a low of $50,000 all the way up to $10 Million. These lines of credit are available for anyone who currently owns a business, is looking to […]

Angel Investors Are Getting Tougher To Find

 A ngel investors are getting tougher to get funding from… should you be worried?. You've probably heard the rumors: Angel investors aren't as angelic as they used to be. Such investors, generally wealthy individuals, have been essential to American entrepreneurs, betting on early-stage ventures that frighten most other investors. But angels are getting a lot harder […]

How Angel Investors Operate In Today’s Economy

The Angel investment world is changing. Here's what they're looking for, how they operate, and what they expect for their money . The phrase "angel investor" conjures up a vision of some kind of saintly benefactor willing to take a flier on some whimsical notion of a business that has little chance of success. Nothing could […]

How To Choose The Right Funding Source

I get hundreds of e-mails each month from people who are looking for capital but aren't sure where they should start their search.  So I'll try to answer that question here. When you begin looking for ways to fund your business,idea or opportunity (outside of your own checkbook) its important that you start by looking […]

Do You Need A Bank To Fund Your Business?

Nontraditional lenders are emerging as a real alternative to bank financing for growth and start-up companies. Banking 101 Trouble getting a good credit line or loan from your local bank? Maybe it's time you looked elsewhere. When he founded NetForce Technologies, in 2003, Tommy Wald struggled to get his first line of credit. Banks rejected […]

Welcome To Our New Site Design

Hello everyone.  It's Bob here if you've haven't been to my site in awhile you'll notice that we did some remodeling so to speak.  Of course my staff was all for the redesign but it took me a while to get used to it.  Anyway.  I'll be able to do a lot more things with […]