Recent Fundings

Dear Bob,

All I can say is wow!  I had no idea your course would be so powerful.  I honestly had no clue how to go about getting funding for my business.  In just 45 days after following your advice my brand new business (which I started in Feb of 2010) received $218,000 on a business line of credit from a national bank.  And guess what… I didn't need to sign personally for this line of credit either.  And I didn't need Tax Returns or Collateral.  It was just as easy as you said it would be.

I really appreciate what you have done for me.  I am sending everyone I know who needs capital to your website to get started.

Paul Janssen
Salt Lake City, Utah


Hi Bob,

I just wanted to drop you a not saying thanks for all that you have done for me.

I have to admit I was somewhat scared at first, with this being my first attempt at funding my business.  You and your team were awesome at answering all of the questions I had and helping to put my fears to rest.  Everything worked the way you said it would.  I got $107,000 in Grant Money and $56,000 in Lines of Credit since I started with more on the way.

Camille Davis
Minneapolis, Minnesota



…your techniques are the greatest.  I started a business from scratch with no credit history in September 2009.  By February 2010 I had $243,000 in Business Credit which is now available for me to use to build my business.  All thanks to you and your course.

Brad Johnson
San Ramon, California


Mr. Ryan,

I'm currently using your course to get funding for my business.  Your methods are spot on.  Every trick you teach, works like a charm in the real world.  I have already gotten around $343,000 in funding with more to come. 

Ron Bumpus
Redfield, New York 



I just wanted to take the time to send you and e-mail to say thanks.  After taking your teachings and running with them I have been able to get the funds I needed to finally get my business off the ground.  Again thanks for all of your help.

Dale Donaldson
Grand Forks, North Dakota


Hi Bob,

Before meeting you my business funding efforts were sorry at best.  I tried a few things here and there without much success.  But when you sat down with me and explained the exact steps I should be taking to raise capital… everything took off from there.  I now own 2 businesses with combined lines of credit in the $500,000 range. 

Mike Fankhauser
Cleveland, Ohio



"Hi. Bob!
You inspired me to dust off an old business idea I had years ago but never did anything with because I didn't have the capital I needed to follow through on it.
Thanks so much for your help!"
John Jacobs
Kansas City, MO
"Amazing! I tried your course out of sheer desperation and low and behold it worked. I got all the funding I needed for a Real Estate deal which was closing within a week!"
David Vickers
Plymouth, MN
"Thank you for an amazing ideas –

Your course is a true goldmine! It is incredible how you can give away such huge value for so little!

I look forward to launching my first business soon (it took me just a few days to get funding) and plan on funding others soon…

I'll keep you posted!"

William Sanders
San Antonio, TX
"Dear Mr. Ryan

I felt like your web site was written directly to me. I'm one of your 9 out of 10 stats – people who have ideas but don't have cash to follow through on them..

Wo-is-me.! The last 12 months has been a struggle looking for capital, but you've given me a new lease on life. After one reading of your course I've put together a plan to get my ideas funded once and for all!"

Stan Willis
Elkhart, IN
"Hey Bob,

I've been on the reading your course all day…
I've gone through most of it. There's a ton of information there, some of it I went over more than one time.

You have really out done yourself… I've had ideas popping in my head all day… that's one thing that's taking so long… I have notepad open and taking notes there and putting the new ideas in so I can work on them later. I think this is most likely going to be the best course ever put together, and what really impresses me about it is that you're sharing so much with other people so that they have a better chance of raising the capital they need

I know I'm long winded today, I guess you can tell if I were talking to you I'd be talking your ears off…..needless to say …..I'm so EXCITED!"
Doug Collins
Hartsdale, NY
"Bob Ryan,

All I can say is, "WOW." I'm totally blown away by what you've done in your course.

And I've been involved in funding businesses for the past twenty years.

And with what you've written I'll finally be able to fund my own business for a change.

If one is truly serious about *applying* what they've learned, your course is the perfect solution.

Keep up the good work!"

Edward Thomas
Washington, DC
"This course is huge for any entrepreneur looking to fund his or her ideas. After reading it once I was like… damn… it's going to be really easy."
Nancy Baldwin
Mountain Home, ID
"I feel very fortunate and excited to have read your course. It lived up to and has exceeded all of your promises and guarantees. Truly a dynamic piece of work."
Darrell Winchester
Denver, CO
You are a true innovator and a genius. You have created a 'masterpiece' of a plan to help the average person achieve their dreams."
Paul Shultz
Lititz, PA
"This has got to be the very best opportunity that I have ever come across. I've read other books on getting business capital… but yours is by far the best."
Russell Sands
Milwaukee, WI
"Bob, I can't thank you enough in showing me a way to get my business plans funded. Your course is exceptional. Not only have you helped me get my business started but you have helped my friends as well.
Thanks again."
Connie White
Beverly, NJ
"I've been looking for a plan like this for years. Believe me it doesn't get any better than this folks!"
Clarence Modell
Minford, OH
"Thank you for the opportunity to read through your course. In my many years of experience in business, your ideas are the very best I've ever come across. Keep up the good work."
Ronnie Nettles
Charlotte, NC
"In my opinion, with out question, your course is an economic breakthrough for anyone who gives it a shot, especially for the less privileged."
Joan Farland
Portland, OR
"This is a TREMENDOUS program! Your expertise and professional manner are second to none and I wouldn't trust anyone else for information on this subject!"
Dale Hedstrom
Boise, ID
I just wanted to express my gratitude for the incredible work that you are doing. I'm a graduate student in the field of psychology who has been financially struggling to get through a doctoral program. With the phenomenal results I've gotten from your course, I will be able to focus my energy exclusively upon the business I wanted to start.
Thanks to you everyday I feel a greater sense of control over my destiny knowing I have your ideas working for me. I truly believe your course has the power to transform lives in profound ways."
Keith Ambrose
Lake Forrest, CA
"I've worked as a financial planner for 25 years and needless to say I've seen it all. I can honestly say that you have the best system for raising capital I have ever seen! Thanks to your ingenious program, thousands of people will now have the opportunity to fund their own businesses!
God bless you!"
James Peters
Fair Oaks, CA
"The Definitive Guide To Raising Capital has got to be the most brilliant, well thought out plan for financing a business that anyone has ever come up with."
Myron Handley
Sarasota, FL
"Over the last few years I've read numerous books about finding start up capital for a business. And none of them even come close to what you teach. I plan to share your site with my friends and associates.
Keep up the outstanding work you are doing to benefit us all!"
J.C Becht
Bristol, TN
"When I first saw your website was going to help me get funding for my business my heart started pounding, my hands were sweating, and my mind was racing. I could not sleep for the first two nights. That was before I finally pulled the trigger and ordered your course."
Tim McCarthy
Corona, CA
I'm writing to tell you that this is the greatest system I have ever seen, and believe me, I have seen them all. Your course can't be beat. I must say that I personally cannot see anyway to improve on it. It is already perfection. It's nice to know that someone out there is looking out for me. After all the years of searching, I'm finally going to be on my way to business success.
Thank You."
Ronald Sullivan
Pelham, NY
"All of my life it has been a dream of mine to own my own business. All I can say is that your program is an answer to my prayers. I will finally be able to follow through for once in my life."
Stacey Acevedo
Appleton, WI





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